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Continued Corruption

I mean c'mon! Could the corruption of the current administration and its ant soldiers be any more evident!
Biden Administration

"Colossal Failure."

From this Administrations policies, to how they are handling the border crisis; the interest of the American people remains on the back burner. China has been demonstrating "a show of force" by invading Taiwanese airspace. Will this Administration hold up to our obligations to protect our allies? Will America defend Taiwan? China has had its eyes set on taking over Taiwan for some time, and it seems like they may make their move conveniently during the Biden Administration. Is it because they believe that America will not interfere? Are they confident that Biden will fold under the pressure?
America has an obligation to ensure that Taiwan has adequate ability to defend itself from attacks. It does not mean that America is obligated to fight their battles for them. China knows that Australia is a close ally of ours, so will they provoke the United States by targeting Australia? There are so many questions that warrant answers, but unfortunately we are governed by an Administration shrouded in lies and secrecy. The American People have the Right to question and demand answers. After the "botched" (to say the least) pullout in Afghanistan, and the billions (yes, with a "B") lost of American tax dollars, we as Americans need to greet this Administration with a demonstration of demand & unity. Conservative Americans understand the "unspoken language" of politics Mr. President, and it's about time you experience the full force of unity by the American People.